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This blog is about Missing Persons both Adults and Children. My goal is to post at least one case a week as time allows me…I believe in being respectful to the families and asking permission first before putting a case up here. If you have a loved one Missing or if you know someone who has a Missing loved one and would like your missing loved one’s case up here please contact me.  The greater the exposure the better chance your loved one has of being located. 

I wish there was no need for missing persons blogs, flyers or awareness events. I will continue to help create awareness until all the missing are home with their families and keep the Candle of HOPE Burning Brightly until all our missing are home with their loved ones.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Billy’s Law (The Help Find the Missing Act) is a proposed bill that was created in order to strengthen and increase utilization of our National Missing Persons Database (NamUs.Gov)

More info can be found on PEACE4 THE MISSING
Voice Platform and Support Network for Families of Missing and Victims of Crime

Peace4 Page on Facebook …http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peace4-the-Missing/114101641947


Billy’s Law

WHY I do this. My driving passion for the missing...I am also the mom of a now grown son who went Missing at age 3 yrs. when we resided in Texas after I divorced his father. My son was only inches from me and my neighbour, with whom I was chatting for a few minutes. “J” was gone within seconds, literally. A terrifying nightmare. It was less than two hours yet felt like an eternity. Ultimately it was the boldness of two electrical substation workers who saved my son that day from a paedophile speaking to him with a car window rolled down in the local grocery parking lot. To those workers I am forever grateful.  It turned out that my son, in his toddler mind, felt he was being a good boy and he decided he wanted to go to get a cookie at the store. I had him signed up for Kroger’s “cookie club” and our agreement was if he was a good boy we would go to the deli and he would get his free cookie. This can happen to anyone, anyone!!!  I am eternally grateful to the workers who saved my son and to the officer who delivered my precious child safely to me…                              

  1. This is a wonderful and inspiring resource. Most people simply have no idea the extent of this problem. I know I didn’t….

    My name is Nick Davis and I recently produced a show called JOE THE BLOODHOUND on the Bio channel, about a remarkable man named Joe Nick, a retired K9 detective who uses dogs to find missing people. Joe is an amazing character doing amazing things –

    One of Joe’s friends started an online petition to help bring this show to a series. 2400 people go missing in this country EVERY DAY – and Joe can help both find some of them, ease their families pain, and shed valuable light on this hidden epidemic.

    Would you please help spread the word and sign this petition? And of course if you want, feel free to print the link to the petition: http://chn.ge/tPu33T Thank you!

    Keep up the good work!


    Nick Davis

    • Hi Nick, Thank you so much. The numbers are off the charts when it comes to our missing and countless individuals across our nation are clueless. I love Rach, she is an amazing woman and so much a sister to me.

      I have signed the petition. I am #447 and added the following comment before submitting:

      “I come from a military family, Our returning men and women from the field need to have HOPE and Know they have Help. Many returning from serving overseas suffer with PTSD, Major Depression or worse – They also go Missing and end up Homeless. As a whose now grown son went missing as a child and was safely recovered. I am forever grateful and wish someone like Joe was around back then. Late 2009 I trained and became a CERT Team member experienced in S&R. We NEED Joe and we Need more people like him. Joe affords HOPE to those who feel there is none and his dedication and sensitivity to the families is greatly appreciated. Please keep Joe’s show running and be part of the chain of HOPE and Help for families of the Missing. Rachel Jackson❤ and Joe The Bloodhound ~ BOTH Amazing People in My Book ! If a loved one went missing again I would want Them on the trail~"

      Sent out numerous invitations to others to sign it as well and will be sending more to others tomorrow!
      God Bless,

  2. Thank You Elizabeth …

    Denise Horvath-Allan – mom to missing Charles k j Horvath-Allan aged 20 in 1989.

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